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The Story So Far

Welcome!  This is the first post on our blog, but by no means the beginning of the train of events which – we hope – will eventually result in us cruising into Ulaanbaatar this August as triumphant heros.

  • Early 2010: Cameron reads about the Mongol Rally on the internet and thinks it’s so crazy he has to do it.  His housemate Patrick is almost as crazy, and wants to join in.
  • September 2010: Mongol Rally team registrations open and we look around us for more crazy people.  There are many.  It looks like two cars full, in fact, so we register two teams.
  • October 2010: Cameron is in the UK for business, and purchases our trusty steed – a 2003 Skoda Fabia with a mighty 1.2 litre, 64 bhp engine.  After being driven around the wilds of Kent for a few days, it’s now staying with a friend in Cambridge.
  • February 2011: We decide on our route and an ambitious “if nothing goes wrong we can totally do this” driving schedule. Time to book our flights! This was the real test of commitment and saw two people drop out. Our final team will be three people – Cameron, Patrick and Adon – and a single car.

Since then we’ve had to worry about getting visas in our passports and immunisations for the many strange and exciting diseases you can catch when you go to places that aren’t Australia.

Cameron was offered another secondment to work in England from Easter until at least the start of the Mongol Rally.  Of course, this will also be very convenient for getting any preparation done to the car well in advance of us leaving.

The real adventure begins in just over three months’ time.  Patrick and Adon arrive in England on 16th July.  The rally sets off on 23rd July, beginning with a lap around Goodwood Race Track. After that, we make our way to Mongolia. But that can’t be too hard, right?


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