As you might expect, we’ve broken down a number of times in our journey to Mongolia. Here’s what’s gone wrong:

  1. Crack in windscreen – Turkey. Fixed with sticky tape.
  2. Front passenger power window – Turkmenistan. Fixed by removing window motor, window is now permanently up.
  3. Two flat tyres – Turkmenistan. Fixed by buying new tyres.
  4. Lost all hub caps – Kazakhstan. Fixed by not caring.
  5. Driver’s door latch came loose – Kazakhstan. Fixed by reattaching with screwdriver.
  6. Glove box latch broke – Russia. Fixed by opening and closing glove box using brute force instead of handle.
  7. Spring snapped on rear right-hand suspension – Russia. Fixed by removing broken piece of spring and using remaining 4/5ths.
  8. Brake line ruptured on rear left-hand side – Mongolia day one. Fixed by plugging leak with a screw and some putty. Car now has only has three brakes.
  9. Exhaust broke between between engine and muffler – Mongolia day two. Sounded like a sports car! Fixed-ish a few days later.
  10. Rear roof bar came unseated – Mongolia day two. Reattached using fencing wire.
  11. Flat tyre and destroyed wheel rim – Mongolia day two. Discarded damaged rim.
  12. Dented front wheel rim – Mongolia day two. Repaired with a hammer.
  13. Lost rear bumper – Mongolia day three. Completely optional part of the car.
  14. Rock fell in throttle servo motor – Mongolia day four. After painful troubleshooting process, fixed by removing rock.
  15. Radiator smashed up – Mongolia day four. Attempted repair, seems okay though very slowly leaking coolant.
  16. Driveshaft broken – Mongolia day six. Not fixable, car abandoned at Bayankhongor.

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